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MILES TO GO, is an eclectic group of professionals from diverse backgrounds leading to the organization's creative, technical & strategic marketing expertise. We are instrumental in creating Promotions, Advertising, Exhibitions, Live Entertainment Programs and Events for key clients that have ensured success for their enterprise as well as their respective brands. Perfection & Dynamism is our USP. Over the years, we do have our core team experience of Film Production, events, exhibitionS, conferenceS Etc. Our domain expertise is to communicate through innovative live media experiences and the creation of new media technologies and applications.

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Preeti Singh

Producer & Showrunner

A passionate Producer who is driven to make content that tells compelling stories.
As a Producer she sees filmmaking as the ultimate collaboration of bringing together the right team and nurture healthy relationships with colleagues and crew, steering all towards the shared goal of creating a great piece of work. She values honesty and believes that being open and approachable is the best way to lead a project, treating everyone – from director to runner – with the same respect as she expects in return.
Having years of experience while working with film Industry, she gradually learned the ropes of film production and handling all business aspects of film making. She wants to create a space and follow a process where the filmmakers have complete freedom to express themselves uninhibitedly. She doesn’t just want to tell stories; but also want to tell them in a certain manner of perfection. According to her, the focus should be on making the best film possible, irrespective of the commerce, stars or assumed audience expectations involved